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Why Smart Global Privacy® is your best choice in the world to allow you to focus on your collective project and minimise your effort, time and costs of complying with the new international standards of respect for privacy.

Smart Global Privacy® solutions are:

  • specialised with all components preconfigured for the public sector;
  • the most legally complete, with up to 10 international and sectoral regulations that could concern you.

Smart Global Privacy® solutions are based on 4 independent and complementary modules, specialised for the public sector: 

Smart Global Privacy Compliance Booster™, an ISO 27001 cloud-based software (also HDS regarding health data), to start, accelerate and maintain your compliance with new international privacy standards, minimising your effort, time, and costs, preconfigured for the public sector, expandable up to 10 international and sectoral regulations that could concern you, like GDPR, CCPA, KvKK, Hipaa…

  • Your regulation compliance badge, immediately available and scalable to your progress.
  • Your multi-user management allowing you to configure access to Smart Global Privacy Compliance Booster™ according to your needs, with the possibility of very easily interfacing to your directories.
  • Your real-time dashboards for each stakeholder: concerned individuals, General Management, Organisational Directions, Privacy Officer, external stakeholders.
  • Your multi-organisation management, allowing management of representative offices, secondary schools, subsidiaries, sister companies and the parent company.
  • With Smart Global Privacy Compliance Booster™ import your pre-existing compliance work to capitalise on the existing work and to speed up compliance.
  • Your preconfigured data discovery for 700+ industries.
  • Your library of customisable legal documents for 700+ industries.
  • Your consent management, by country.
  • Your website and cookies compliance.
  • Your more accurate and faster assessments and PIA, thanks to artificial intelligence.
  • Your complete legal records, automatically updated. 
  • Your 100 % automated management of requests from data subjects.  
  • Your 100 % automated management of data breaches.  
  • Your 80 % automated DPO activities thanks to the artificial intelligence of Smart Assistant™.  
  • Your legal surveillance. 
  • Your work imported and exported. 
  • Your API key to communicate directly with your business software. 
  • Your portability modules.  
  • Your Smart Support™ by your side with our Centers of Excellence.

Smart Global Academy™: specialised e-learning training for the public sector, allowing awareness of privacy and minimising your effort, time and costs.

Your video courses, with questionnaires, evaluation, success badges and training records, immediately available for your organisation.

There are also many additional training courses on offer from the companies in our Smart Partner Network™.

Smart Global Privacy Prevention & Security Center™

  • Teams Edition to avoid the daily potential mistakes and carelessness of all your teams by minimising your effort, time and costs. Smart Global Privacy Prevention & Security Center Teams Edition helps your team members define the rights regarding the use of personal data and automatically ensure these rights are respected.

  • Suppliers Edition helps you to assess the actual compliance of your suppliers, automatically and in connection with your records.

Smart Global Marketplace™

Smart Global Marketplace™, to implement your compliance plans by minimising your effort, time and costs, thanks to the best suppliers of products and solutions in insurance, technological infrastructure, law, organisation and training, relevant to the public sector.

Smart Global Marketplace™ helps you define your needs and then receive quotes to implement your privacy compliance action plan.