Smart GDPR® Automotive Edition

An offer at the service of automotive professionals

The Protection of Privacy is a worldwide concern and a fundamental right.

All the major world economies are adopting and gradually imposing similar legislation to the GDPR on their companies and their subsidiaries.

Like everyone, you have reason to take this seriously.

Nearly 70% of the French say they are ready to boycott a brand that does not respect their privacy and values. This is the moment to take advantage of and enrich the relationship of trust with your customers and with your business partners, who demand that companies comply with the GDPR and demonstrate their pro-activity with respect to personal data.

What is the true risk for your organisation?

The CNIL controls have multiplied in the automotive industry, both for manufacturers as well as for dealerships. The CNIL has registered more than 5,000 complaints since May 25, 2018, and more complaints and notifications of breaches are expected:

  • From end customers who claim the exercise of their right to be forgotten within the legal deadline for response and deletion, throughout the chain of processors. 
  • From employees who report a breach of the legal obligations of privacy protection. 
  • From business partners who refuse to continue working with you if you are not compliant. 

The sanctions imposed by the supervisory authorities can amount to fines of 4% of your turnover. But you could also be affected in terms of your internal / external image and loss of contracts with your partners for not fulfilling your legal obligations.

What are the legal obligations?

The CNIL is very clear in the regard that you must, at a minimum, have taken measures to:

  • Designate a supervisor
  • Perform data discovery
  • Prioritise

  • Perform risk management
  • Organise
  • Document

We have evaluated and designed with SMART GLOBAL PRIVACY , a specific solution to provide assistance in a simple, fast, specific and economical way, to protect you from risks.

Your perfect solution designed especially for the automotive industry

SMART GDPR® Automotive Edition is your best option to minimise your efforts, time, risks and costs of compliance with the GDPR in the automotive industry.

Smart GDPR® Automotive Edition

All the advantages of Smart GDPR® at the service of automotive professionals

  • Generic data processing for the automotive industry, pre-documented y pre-audited. 
  • Management of data processing records, of processors and of data transfers. 
  • Management of GDPR compliance Action Plan. 
  • Management of compliance maintenance and legal watch. 
  • 2 hours of online training and 5 tickets of customer support if necessary. 

Complementary options:

  • Connection to trained DPOs via the platform.
  • Training and awareness of your teams with 1–hour online meetings.
  • Cyber risk insurance.