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With Smart Global Prevention & Risk Center

 Prevent internal and external errors and malicious acts to avoid liability.

SMART GLOBAL PREVENTION & RISK  Teams Edition™ takes into account the financial risk of fines and of reputation and allows you to​ :

  • Associate your internal directory with your data processing activity records.​
  • Verify that individual actions carried out on personal data are in accordance with those authorised in the records..​
  • In the case of an unauthorised action, report or act automatically, according to your internal rules and according  to local or international regulations.​

SMART GLOBAL PREVENTION & RISK  Suppliers Edition™ takes into account the financial risk of fines and of reputation and allows you to​ :

  • Collect legal documentation from your suppliers.​
  • Ensure beyond the documentation provided their real compliance regarding local or international regulations through a systematic, automated assessment. ​
  • Have a consolidated or detailed view of the risks.​

How does it work ?

  1. Talk to an expert ​
  2. Choose your preconfiguration and your regulations ​
  3. Prevent risks

Try it now

Smart Global Privacy software is provided in SaaS mode in a public or private cloud.​

Our training services and complementary technical support adapt to your current stage of compliance. Carried out by Smart Global Privacy  or by its certified partners, from operational support through to the implementation of optimised management.

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