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Configurable to your industry (700 sectors of activity and 55 000 professions included) to guide you.


Centralise your national, sectoral, and international compliance in perfect harmony with your organisation. All automatable tasks are automated. 


Import your existing compliance work, export at any time, connect your business software simply. Connect to our community via the Smart Global Marketplace ™.


Continuous monitoring of extensions to international and sectoral privacy regulations. Training and awareness for your teams via the Smart Global Academy ™. Prevention of internal and external risks via the Smart Prevention & Risk Center ™.

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Smart Global Compliance Booster™


  • Project management platform, multi-organisation, multi-user, multi-regulation.​
  • DPO project management platform with advanced automation. ​
  • Templates for management of consent.​
  • Document templates.​
  • Smart Global Marketplace™ Configured for you


  • Semi-automated data processing discovery assistant, covering 700 sectors.​
  • Automated, modifiable action plan.​
  • Compliance of Sites / Cookies.​
  • Simplified, extended data processing records, of processors, of clients, of data breaches.​
  • Intelligent and adaptive assessments (express, in-depth).​
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIAs)


  • Compliance gap analysis with automated, modifiable prioritisation.​
  • Artificial intelligence to prioritise data processing activities for assessment.​
  • Legal documents from the best documentary corpus on the market.​
  • Specialised GDPR compliance project management.  (Action Plan  / Workflow / Task Monitoring).​
  • Automated creation of legal records.


  • Automated Processor Management. ​
  • Automated management: data breaches, consent management, requests from data subjects, controls by supervisory authorities.​
  • Portable documentation.​​
  • Specialised self-training modules.  Continuous updating of information.​
  • Automated, modifiable, recommended or mandatory annual reports.​
  • Application Programming  Interface.

+/- import your existing work

Smart Global Privacy™ software is provided in SaaS mode in a public or private cloud.​​

Our training services and complementary technical support adapt to your current stage of compliance. Carried out by Smart Global Privacy ™ or by its certified partners, from operational support through to the implementation of optimised management.

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Smart Global Privacy

Is the specialist in the management of personal data protection regulations.
Our software is your ideal companion for optimal management of your compliance, and to reinforce synergy between your internal and external stakeholders (Consultants, DPO, CISO, CIO, …)Our software is used by thousands of customers in 17 countries, making Smart Global Privacy ™ the most widely used solution in the world today.
Our experts and teams are members of and participate regularly and actively in several associations in order to develop the best practices in the industry and have a global presence in the field of privacy.