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Smart GDPR is composed of 6 modules available in public, private or « on premises » cloud

(with hosting in Europe, daily backup, secure access)

MODULE 1: Audit, risk studies, impact studies, PIA, Compliance Plan (all performed in a semi-automatic mode; a project management tool is included)

Our strong points:

  • Global dashboard allows you to track your progress towards full compliance
  • Fast and complete: 1460 control points for the processing tasks, managed by an algorithm that saves you four hours: 1h with Smart GDPR® = 5 hours without.
  • Legal Monitoring: you will be notified of any change in regulation that applies to you.
  • Your DPO saves time:  your answers are scored automatically and only the below-score answers are systematically examined. It is possible to examine all answers if desired.
  • Your compliance plan is automatically created based on your responses to  the detailed task list.
  • Project management: you can assign tasks to your team members during the audit and during the implementation of your compliance plan

MODULE 2: On-line registers for processing, subcontractors, incidents, transfer outside the EU. Automatic annual DPO report

Our strong points: 

  • Simplified and extended processing registers
  • Manual, Excel or API fed registers
  • Automatic alerts for all stakeholders
  • Automatic annual report

MODULE 3: Library of legal documents covering 28 countries and  Data Protection Authority-approved electronic vault

Smart GDPR® has a regularly updated legal library. You will be automatically notified of any changes to the relevant regulation.

Our strong points:

  • Global and local: includes documents on GDPR and local regulations that apply to your clients, suppliers, employees, processes, data policies etc.
  • Updated regularly
  • Monitoring carried out by a world-renowned law firm

MODULE 4: Users’ Club with marketplace

The Smart GDPR® User Club gives you access to a complete modular ecosystem with six domains:

  1. The best insurance offers
  2. The best GDPR consulting offers.
  3. The best coaching and training offers.
  4. The best offers from External Data Protection Officers and Lawyers.
  5. The best offers for database re-optin-isation.
  6. The best Data Intelligence offers.

Our strength:
• Scoring by the community avoids biased ratings.

MODULE 5: Global multi-institution account

Ideal for multiple offices and facilities.

Provides a consolidated view of GDPR compliance progress by institution, process, task and manager, and associated risks.

Allows to manage the compliance of institutions and the rights of users

Our strong points:

  • the only multi-institution and multilingual solution on the market
  • unlimited number of users

MODULE 6: DPO module

DPO gets an overview of the overall compliance of the organizations he or she is responsible for. DPO can take action at any point (compliance plans, audit, PIA, records, incidents etc.). DPO receives and automatic annual review.

Our strong points:

  • The only software designed for DPOs
  • Automatic scoring can be customized to save you a lot of time in the analysis of audits and PIA
  • Allows you to integrate your own questions in audits and PIA


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