GDPR compliance solution for hotels

In collaboration with the tourism industry experts we have created a special version of Smart GDPR® for hotels

This version enables hotels to comply to the GDPR faster by eliminating all the details that do not concern the hospitality industry. Our solution saves you time and money.

Smart GDPR is composed of six modules available in cloud

(with daily backup, secure access and hosting in Europe)

MODULE 1: Audit, risk studies, impact studies, PIA, Compliance Plan (all performed in a semi-automatic mode; a project management tool is included)

MODULE 2: On-line registers for processing, subcontractors, incidents, transfer outside the EU. Automatic annual DPO report

MODULE 3: Library of legal documents covering 28 countries and  Data Protection Authority-approved electronic vault

MODULE 4: Users’ Club with marketplace

MODULE 5: Global multi-institution account

MODULE 6: DPO module



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