The Foundation Partage et Vie

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Formerly Caisses d’Epargne pour la solidarité (FCEs), the Foundation Partage et Vie fights against all forms of exclusion, particularly those related to age, illness or disability.

A Foundation of public utility serving the most fragile persons

The Foundation manages 117 establishments and services and it is one of the leading private non-profit institutions for hosting dependent elderly people.

To meet the needs of people who are vulnerable due to age, disability or illness, the Foundation offers:

  • hosting establishments for elderly persons (Nursing homes / and Residences for people with disabilities);
  • nursing services at home;
  • support services at home;
  • day patient facility;
  • institutions for adults with disabilities;
  • health establishments specialized in follow-up care and rehabilitation;
  • remote assistance devices;
  • Local Information and Coordination Centre ;
  • Training centre for nursing assistants.