Banque Casino

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Banque Casino took a decision to work with the Smart Global Privacy® software solution to manage and maintain their compliance in the most efficient way possible.

Who we are ?

Owned by Crédit Mutuel-CIC and Groupe Casino, Banque Casino has developed a wide range of banking products (cards, credit and insurance solutions, etc.) and financing solutions for e-commerce.

CB4X: E-payment solution

In 2013, Banque Casino launched Cdiscount, a leader of e-commerce, “CB4X”, a secured credit card payment solution. Since 2015, Banque Casino provides e-commerce companies advanced payment solutions for their online sales.

All digital

Driven by the experience gained from its merger with Cdiscount in 2006 and its shifting to the position of online banking, Casino Bank, since 2014, was involved into digitalisation promoting a secure online signature across all its range of financial products.

Since February 2015, Banque Casino has offered its customers products such a loan or credit card application via a smartphone. The process requires only 3 steps, from the subscription request to signing the contract by filling in a simplified form adapted to mobile devices.