Are You Brexit-Ready?

Smart Global Privacy launches the first global acceleration and automation solution for organisations that could be affected by Brexit in terms of the GDPR, so they can legally continue with their operations after March 29, 2019.

Until March 29, 2019, the United Kingdom will remain a member state of the European Union, after which it will become an independent State. This unprecedented situation will impact companies and organisations that exchange personal data between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Consequently, the United Kingdom will be considered a country outside of the European Union and will require more stringent levels of personal data protection as of March 30, 2019 to remain compliant with European regulations.

This will require new formalities and procedures when the United Kingdom is working with European companies and exchanging personal data.

For such companies and organisations Smart Global Compliance Booster ™ is the first global solution for acceleration and automation of compliance and invites you to discover its software solution. It is easy to learn (less than two hours) and minimises your efforts, delays, risks and compliance costs and reporting within the framework of no-deal Brexit.

Smart Global Compliance Booster ™ is distributed through a network of certified partners of the Smart Partner Network ™.  A list is available at

About Smart Global Privacy

Smart Global Privacy is a start-up created in 2017, present in 12 countries, supported by EIT Digital, which publishes a software solution available in the cloud, Smart Global Compliance Booster ™ allowing you to:

  • accelerate by eight your compliance with GDPR.
  • automate GDPR maintenance at 80%, because all possible automatable tasks are automated.
  • increase internal skills through serious games.

Smart Global Compliance Booster ™ simplifies and accelerates compliance as well as automating maintenance of the top ten, other global privacy regulations. In fact, French and European companies are, subject to similar international regulations beyond the GDPR (for example in the United States, Brazil, etc.) as well.

The team at Smart Global Privacy is made up of 45 experts, contractors, lawyers, DPOs, former partners of global consulting firms, IT and development experts, who have worked in the world’s best-known companies.

Are you Brexit-ready?

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