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Smart Global Privacy®

by Smart Global Governance, is the most efficient and intuitive GDPR solution!

Smart Global Privacy® provides a comprehensive toolset for the entire team (Managers, Project Leaders, Data Protection Officers and/or Consultants) to profoundly minimize the effort, cost, delay and risk of GDPR compliance.

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Discover Smart Global Privacy®

Smart Global Privacy® supports helps any type of organization (public sector or private sector) comply with GDPR, by offering a SaaS/or privately hosted solution that will guide, organize, implement, maintain and demonstrate GDPR compliance in real-time.

What our customers say about us:



  • High-performance methodology
  • Accelerates compliance by a factor of 8x by automating all repetitive tasks


  • Complete
  • Centralized
  • Guided control
  • 80% of repetitive tasks automated
  • Built-in and Optimized team collaboration processes


  • Ready and simple to use
  • Pre-configured for 700 business sectors and 55,000 trades
  • Virtual assistants
  • Adaptive and flexible to your skill levels


  • Same process yet extensible to other international regulations
  • Covers emerging technologies
  • Best operating cost in the market thanks to the automation of all repetitive tasks


  • Mitigation of legal and financial risks
  • Can interface and function with your existant ISO 27001 certifications
  • Ready for official EDPB certification art. 42
  • Certification

What if beginner or expert your GDPR solution adapts to your organisation and then guides you step by step simply and rapidly

Align your compliance practice with your current organization

Align your compliance practice with your current organization

Organize yourself for GDPR compliance with Smart Global Privacy®

Don’t know where to start in your pursuit towards compliance?

Tired of looking for an GDPR solution that fits your operational structure? Need to (re)start your compliance immediately or spend less time maintaining it?                        

Discover Smart Global Privacy®. An intuitive, structured, productive, collaborative and ready-to-use GDPR compliance solution that picks up your compliance work where you left off and allows you to accelerate to finish faster. No skills to learn. No steep learning curve... Think "plug & play".

  • Privacy program assessment and management
  • Interfaces for Manager, GDPR Project Manager, Data Protection Officer or Consultant
  • Interface to your corporate colors
  • A choice of 8 languages for the interface
  • Real-time translation of your content into 12 languages
  • Organization of internal processes with models of compliance documents provided
  • Governance with customizable dashboards
  • Video training on usage
  • E-learning with serious games in 25 languages
  • Advanced management of participant profiles
  • Connector from/to third-party applications
  • Advanced profile management
  • Single-Sign-on (SSO)

What if your compliance journey with GDPR was more of a pleasant experience working alone or with teams even when ensuring existing processing operations and Data Mapping to establish the register

GDPR compliance: pleasant, motivating and efficient

GDPR compliance: pleasant, motivating and efficient

Bring your organization into GDPR compliance with pleasure thanks to Smart Global Privacy®

Our studies show that our Customers have an exceptional and fulfilling experience with Smart Global Privacy®.  They accelerate their compliance by a factor of 8. They also detect opportunities to develop innovation through our Agile processes.

Everything is built to be pleasant and to save you time: pre-configured data processing mapping for 700 business sectors and 55,000 trades, collaborative and configurable audits with 1.500 control points at most that automatically adapt to your needs (and not the other way around) to ensure the compliance of existing and future processing operations, model creation features with primary replication, copies of audits from one organization to another, legal registers pre-filled and feedable by API with your business applications, automatic recommendations and priorities for your compliance plan, Securing internal and external legal and reputation risks, such as the risk on the entire outsourcing chain...

  • Video training
  • Importing your pre-existing compliance work
  • Identification of preconfigurable data processing for 700 business sectors and 55,000 trades to facilitate the mapping of processing operations and the establishment of the register
  • Risk assessment: express audits, in-depth audits, gap analysis, Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Legal processing registers; my organisation, subcontracting, subcontractors, unlimited international transfers
  • Automatic recommendations and prioritization of actions to be carried out according to risks
  • Interactive and collaborative compliance plan
  • Securing internal risks (existing and future)
  • Securing external risks (suppliers, joint managers,...) legal and reputational risks
  • Customization of the repository(s) subscribed with Compliance Design Studio
  • Primary replication of customizable models
  • Sandbox for your own testing
  • Website scanning and cookie compliance

What if Maintenance of your GDPR compliance is 80% automated freeing up your time and boosting your motivation

Maintain your “80% automated” GDPR compliance with complete security

Maintain your “80% automated” GDPR compliance with complete security

Spend minimal time maintaining your compliance thanks to Smart Global Privacy®

Eliminate time-consuming, repetitive and non-value-added tasks. Exploit your full potential by focusing on the essentials. Build trust and security through compliance monitoring.

Configure Smart Global Privacy® once all of it’s automation of repetitive tasks and benefit more from the ease of continuous improvement and freeing up your time to analyze the performance and benefits of successful GDPR compliance. Communicate your performance internally, in the format you want with customizable dashboards with ease.

Contribute to the personal data protection and privacy ecosystem by sharing best practices within our online community: Smart Global Privacy Certified Clients or Partners.

  • Management of requests for automated rights exercises / DSAR / Individual Right Management
  • Incident management / incident response
  • Management of cookie consent / website scanning and cookie compliance
  • Support per ticket
  • Telephone support
  • Online help
  • Online community
  • Rollback on events
  • Extensible to other national and international regulations
  • And all aspects of compliance maintenance

What if You could prove your GDPR Compliance in full transparency making this your new competitive advantage

Strengthen your reputation by demonstrating your compliance with GDPR

Strengthen your reputation by demonstrating your compliance with GDPR

The protection of personal data and respect for privacy are now a human rights priority of the 21st century

It's a Global, cultural change. All individuals expect that the organizations to which they have entrusted their personal data act ethically and within the framework of the law. GDPR is an essential component of trust for any professional relationship.

Smart Global Privacy® allows you to improve your reputation, access or maintain your access to the market by proving the status of your compliance, first by a badge to be deposited on your website or documents, then by the possibility of automatically issuing all the legal documents requested in the event of an audit by a Legal Authority, and finally by preparing yourself for the official certification issued in Article 42 of the GDPR.

  • A GDPR legal framework Maintained by an international council of experts in the law on data protection, certification and cybersecurity.
  • Can be combined with ISO 27001
  • Storage of proof of conformity with an electronic safe
  • Activity Logs
  • Art 42 GDPR Official Certification Ready
  • Compliance badge
  • First company RGPD CERTIFIED AFAQ Data Protection by the French Standards Certification Body

What if You could talk to independent experts to share best practices with other DPO’s for free and complete training and develop further skills

#PRIVACYTOGETHER: We will be best together

#PRIVACYTOGETHER: We will be best together

Sharing best practices is essential in the creation of a virtuous ecosystem combining the general interest shown by States for individuals and the particular interests of companies.

Smart Global Privacy® gives you access to #PRIVACYTOGETHER, the first non-commercial community of experts in personal data protection and privacy.

Develop the culture of personal data in your organization, ask your questions, share good practices, benefit from free continuous training,... #PRIVACYTOGETHER is well named!

  • Free online community to get closer to other DPOs and exchange on practices
  • Free in-class Continuing Education to complete your training and develop your skills
  • Free online help
  • Optional E-learning offered by Smart Global Academy™, serious games in 25 languages
  • Coaching one to 5 max., offered by Smart Global Academy™

What if You could demonstrate your professionalism as a DPO covering all aspects of compliance. In full trust and confidence and drive that compliance with business line managers and employees as well as driving compliance with the controller

Communicate more effectively with data controllers, business managers and employees

Communicate more effectively with data controllers, business managers and employees

Good personal communication for each of your contacts is a key factor for the success of your DPO mission.

Would you like to get the right message across to the right person at the right time? Do you need to arbitrate on your time in order to reconcile daily tasks and personalize reporting?

Smart Global Privacy® allows you to prepare 100% customizable report templates based on the recipient and their level of knowledge of DGPS, in your usual software, Power Bi, Qlick or Tableau.

And if your recipients need to be acclimated to GDPR, why not offer them participation in one of our serious elearning games?

  • API’s to the main reporting software on the market: Microsoft Power Bi, Qlick, Tableau,.....
  • API’s to your business applications
  • E-learning for acclimation to GDPR in the form of serious games.

What if You had the power to review subcontractors own compliance and to rapidly understand the difference between their declared compliance versus their real compliance…

Check processors quicker to ensure that they are also compliant

Check processors quicker to ensure that they are also compliant

A processor is a company or legal person who deals with personal data on behalf of another organization (the "controller"), as part of an externalized service or a provision.

You need to check the compliance of your processors, for example:

  • Enterprise infrastructure (cloud services/SD-WAN (ERP/CRM/etc.))
  • Payment services
  • Communication tools (email, chat, webconf, etc.)
  • Analytics (SEO, etc.)

Your subcontractors who use your organization's personal data must be able to demonstrate compliance or your own organization is at risk.

Smart Global Privacy® provides DPOs with a cascading solution that provides the necessary automatic vendor compliance checks and appropriate communication functions.

  • Contract management
  • Pre-configured diligence for vendor risk management
  • Preformatted emails for vendor communications
  • Freeform editing and improvement of those emails
  • Activity tracking to ensure email responses
  • Inline with compliance checks of the rest of the internal org

What if One solution was flexible, secure, always available on site or in the cloud

Technical Specifications

Your data remains your property. Smart Global Privacy® can be hosted in the IT infrastructure of your choice, at home, in the hybrid, private or public cloud (ISO 27001 and HDS certified). Take advantage of updates and our convenient configuration for easy deployment.



  • Multilingual
  • Multi-user
  • Multiple legal entities
  • Multi-regulatory
  • ISO 27001 HDS Public Cloud of your choice in 100 countries
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • On Premises
  • We are certified
  • Solution audited for PASSI standard defined by ANSSI


  • Up-to-date web browser
  • On premises: adaptation to your technical requirements


  • Import
  • Export
  • Interfaces and API’s
  • Interfacing with Microsoft Power Bi, Spreadsheets or Qlik
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)

What if you could Benefit from Smart Global Privacy® without financial constraints


25per month*View features


75per month*View features


150per month*View features


300per month*View features
* Sales tax to be added, for a yearly subscription paid in advance * for a yearly paid in advance plan

Examples of Customer Success


SMICO chose Smart Global Privacy® for its own fulfilment and that of the communities of its department for its shared offer, complete and adapted to the public sector.

The Francophone College of Lawyers in Brussels

"We chose Smart Global Privacy® to manage our GDPR compliance in 2018. Smart was already one of the pioneers in this area. This platform allows all our team to manage most of our compliance actions in one place, as well as monitoring daily management.
Our DPO also has privileged access to our account, allowing an extensive view of the progress of our work."

Maître Thibault POSTEL, Director General of the French Order of the Brussels Bar

The Town of Levallois

The City of Levallois chose Smart Global Privacy® software to comply with the GDPR.

The Foundation Partage et Vie

Formerly Caisses d’Epargne pour la solidarité (FCEs), the Foundation Partage et Vie fights against all forms of exclusion, particularly those related to age, illness or disability.

France Parkinson

France Parkinson chose to work with Smart Global Privacy®, the most complete GDPR compliance suite and the Foundation is very satisfied with it.

Groupe Solution Énergie

Groupe Solution Énergie chose the Smart Global Privacy® software to manage the compliance of all its subsidiaries with the new GDPR regulation.

Banque Casino

Banque Casino took a decision to work with the Smart Global Privacy® software solution to manage and maintain their compliance in the most efficient way possible.

Cerba HealthCare

Cerba HealthCare is an international network of biomedical laboratories with common values. It operates in the biomedical analysis market, mainly in the private, public and clinical trials sectors.

TBS Group

Practically, all the subsidiaries chose Smart Global Privacy® to comply with GDPR. (TBS France, TBS Germany and TBS Belgium)


Smart Global Privacy® is the compliance solution AssurOne has chosen to comply with the new GDPR regulations and to maintain it!

Groupe Partouche

Groupe Partouche chose Smart Global Privacy® to manage the compliance of all its structures and to maintain it in an easy way.


For easy and efficient compliance, Adquality chose Smart Global Privacy®.

Our 6 unique value propositions


Smart Global Governance editor of Smart Global Privacy, is the first company to obtain AFAQ certification for a GDPR compliance solution.


Smart Global Privacy® Integrates your compliance into a continuous cycle, and prepares you for any future regulatory changes


Smart Global Privacy® significantly minimizes your time and effort, costs, delays and risks associated with GDPR compliance.


Smart Global Privacy® accelerates the compliance workflow of GDPR by an average factor of 8, and other regulations by a factor of 50 with a risk-based approach and gap analysis methodology.


Smart Global Privacy® has been identified as the most convincing solution and has been approved and used by leading consulting firms, systems integrators, law firms and even the Microsoft partner network.

In addition to the depth of the Smart Global Privacy® offer, other advantages include:

  • the granularity and level of automation of tasks, including pre-audits, Privacy Impact Assessments and all of this at multi-user, multi-regulatory and multi-organization level
  • the inclusion of suppliers with whom you may want to monitor effective compliance in an approach to reduce the risk of co-responsibility.
  • Smart Global Privacy® will also increase your own expertise and leadership in the areas of digital transformation within your organization.

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